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The Colorado Sun: I’ve loved this country for 40 years. Will it love me back?

As a “stateless” resident of Colorado, I may finally have a pathway to a recognized status in the U.S. — if Congress acts

by Imad Sager, USL Member

In many ways, my life in Colorado describes the American Dream. I came to this country in 1981 and for my entire adult life, I’ve lived and worked here. I sold General Motors cars for a living, as a sales manager, including Cadillacs, and even had an interest in a local used car dealership. I drive a Yukon truck. My wife and I had three children and the oldest child is now in college. I’ve paid taxes my entire career. Now I’m 61 and have given the last 40 years to this country. I am proud of what my family and I have been able to achieve.

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