Why contact us?
Are you Stateless or think you may be?
Statelessness can be a very isolating experience. Often, we choose not to tell about our predicament even to those closest to us. Because there is currently no administrative solution, stateless persons in the US are more vulnerable to detention, potentially humiliating treatment by authorities, exploitation and discriminatory practices than an average person. To protect ourselves, we often choose isolation. By reaching out and sharing your story with us, you can find support and some degree of comfort in knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
The addition of your voice will help us build momentum to affect change. We are here to support you in whatever way we can.
Contact us for more information. Please note: We take your privacy very seriously. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply let us know.
Are you an Immigration Attorney?  Please contact us if you would like to do pro-bono work with stateless persons. Also, you may be interested in our resource page. We are also available to organize training webinars for those in the legal community who wish to educate themselves more on statelessness.
Are you a Journalist? Would you like to do a media piece on our project? Join us! #UNITEDSTATELESS
Are you an Artist, a Film-Maker, a Writer and want to work with us to advocate for change? Get in touch, please!