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Stateless Services

Our Stateless Services program connects Stateless people in the United States to legal, social and housing services while we build the capacity of the legal community to effectively represent Stateless people. Through our Stateless Relief Fund we provide direct quick emergency assistance, a lifeline, for people whose status often leaves them unable to secure stable employment, ineligible for assistance programs and vulnerable to hunger and homelessness.

With our partnerships with law schools such as Brooklyn Law Safe Harbor Clinic and existing immigation legal service provider networks like Hebrew Immigration Aids Society (HIAS), we work to expand our referral network. In addition, we develop tools and training for legal providers on Stateless screening, identification, and service provision.

Click here to contact Stateless Services for assistance.

In 2020 we partnered with Catholic Legal Immigrant Inc (CLINIC) to develop training for their network on how to screen for Statelessness, watch Understanding and Screening for Statelessness in the US Webinar below:

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