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Who are stateless people and what are their rights?  
Statelessness is a complex issue that affects millions of people around the world. Many people living in the United States do not even realize they are stateless. Learn what it means to be stateless. Read about stateless people’s rights. Find ways to get legal counsel and support.


UNHCR Refworld
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The protection tool provides the key information that UNHCR staff, government officials and judges need to decide whether an asylum-seeker is a refugee or stateless person.


ISI Database on Statelessness and Human Rights
Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

To strengthen knowledge of, engagement with and adherence to human rights standards relating to statelessness and the right to a nationality, the ISI Database on Statelessness and Human Rights is a carefully designed and user-friendly tool that offers easy access to relevant recommendations issued to States within the UN human rights system. The database enables the user to compare and analyze the data by ‘coding’ the recommendations using different filters such as country, UN body and theme.

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