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To end Statelessness in the U.S. we need to pass legislation through congressional bipartisanship. In 2021, together with experts on Statelessness from various fields and organizations and informed by Stateless people, we drafted the Stateless Protection Act (SPA) to resolve the status of Stateless people in the U.S.,  to prevent Statelessness from occurring in the U.S., and to strengthen U.S. leadership in the global fight to end Statelessness worldwide. We continue to build relationships with Members of Congress to educate on the issue and to champion our bill. 
We also work to include and submit Stateless recommendations within broad immigration and human rights agendas such as both the 2021 Immigration Action Plan and Transition Report 2020: Refugee Council USA for the Administration to implement. Our advocacy work aims to amplify the voices of Stateless persons to bring attention, and ultimately a change to Statelessness issues among policy-makers, educators and students, civil society actors, the legal community, and general public, including the Stateless community in the U.S.

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