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Legal Resources

If you are an Immigration Attorney representing a client who is, or may be stateless, you may find the resources listed below very valuable. If you are, or think you may be stateless, please share this page with your attorney.

Representing Stateless Persons before U.S. Immigration Authorities

The UNHCR Handbook contains a step by step analysis to help determine if someone is stateless. If you are wondering if you are stateless, the Handbook contains information that can help. For example, refugees are not necessarily stateless, but they can be! However, just because you are stateless doesn't automatically make you a refugee. The Handbook can help you tell the difference. Watch our webinars below:

Handbook on Protection Of Stateless Persons

This Handbook is intended to guide government officials, judges and practitioners, as well as UNHCR staff and others involved in addressing statelessness. It is hoped that the Handbook will provide a valuable resource for both statelessness determination and the development and implementation of law and policies relating to the protection of stateless persons.

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