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Case Manager
Iván Medina

Iván has served in immigration community legal services for almost 10 years and is currently pursuing Marriage and Family Therapy licensure in the state of California. Iván joined the United Stateless staff as the first Case Manager in October of 2022.

Iván began his career as a coordinator in the San Francisco Bay Area supporting individuals detained in privately contracted county jails seeking asylum. He collaborated with clients, their families, pro bono attorneys, and community volunteers to secure successful release and travel to different areas of the United States to reunite with their loved ones. Iván continued to support the immigrant community in Marin County as a DOJ Accredited Representative, representing victims of torture and intimate partner violence, individuals adjusting their legal status and individuals naturalizing as United States citizens.

Most recently Iván returned to his hometown of Los Angeles, CA to work with pro bono attorneys and offer representation to deported veterans of the United States military in other countries who apply to safely return to the United States and help process applications for individuals facing removal proceedings. 

In 2021, Iván became an M.A. student in Psychology (Marriage and Family Therapy) and has worked on completing his program while pursuing licensure as a therapist in the state of California. When United Stateless opened the hiring search for their first Case Manager to support the Stateless community through case management and social service support, Iván took the opportunity to utilize his years of experience in the immigration legal field to offer support to USL’s team, working to build the Stateless Services program alongside USL staff, volunteers, and community partners.
Iván is currently living in Los Angeles, CA, and enjoys spending time with his family, and loved ones, while serving the needs of Circe and Harley, his two cat companions.

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