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Research & Student Engagement

In 2020 a groundbreaking and robust mapping project completed by the Center for Migration Studies (CMS), determined that approximately 218,000 Stateless, potentially Stateless, or at-risk Stateless persons are currently living on U.S. territory. Read our response to the report here. 
Statistics and research are critical to solutions, and yet are often an area neglected in the context of Statelessness. We work to expand knowledge and understanding of how Statelessness affects people in the U.S., simultaneously providing an opportunity to student volunteers to engage, learn, and participate through our partnerships with Towson University and Columbia School of International and Public Affairs. 
As the only organization in the U.S. dedicated to addressing Statelessness in the U.S, we aim to be a thought leader on Statelessness and citizenship rights and a catalyst for action in ending Statelessness in the U.S. We build partnerships with students and faculty at colleges, universities, and law schools to undertake research on Statelessness, increase awareness, and equip students to be advocates. 

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