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November'23 (2/2) Newsletter: A Stateless Veteran Speaks Out In Veterans' Month

Houston-based soldier Fadel Tankoano was born in New York. He had a U.S. passport. Then he got caught in the bureaucratic nightmare of statelessness. He wrote about his experience, despite having served his country in the military, this week. You can read his piece at bipartisan policy outlet, The Fulcrum. 

New Practice Advisory For Immigration Practitioners

The United Stateless Practice Advisory corresponds to the recently announced USCIS Stateless Policy, offering practical guidance to immigration practitioners representing stateless individuals. The Advisory focuses on Deferred Action and Parole in Place benefits for stateless people, and will be updated as we learn more. We kindly request that immigration lawyers share information and updates in cases on behalf of stateless clients. Please provide data on case filings, intermediate progress, and outcomes using this form. The United Stateless team will use anonymized case examples from practitioners to update this Practice Advisory and for ongoing advocacy with the Department for Homeland Security.

An Open Letter from a Stateless Man to the U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Martina Strong

Ali Abdullah Abbas Ibrahim is hoping that America's Ambassador to the UAE can help him resolve his statelessness. 

Watch Our LinkedIn Live Event With Playwright Christina Masciotti

Playwright Christina Masciotti staged a reading over the summer of her play, "Liberty Scrap", working with United Stateless members (pictured above), on a script which includes statelessness. We discussed the play live on LinkedIn with Christina on November 13. 


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