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Letter from United Stateless Board Chair: Support United Stateless Relief Fund!

Dear community members, friends and allies,We at United Stateless wish you a joyful 2023 and all the warmth and hope that this holiday season can bring.

This is our final year-end appeal for your support, which will directly fund United Stateless’s Stateless Relief Fund (SRF). 

The SRF was created in response to the needs we witness every day in our work with stateless community members. The fund provides direct humanitarian relief to stateless persons in emergency situations and is primarily focused on survival needs like medical necessities, food, and shelter.

Even a small contribution to this fund as part of your end-of-year giving will make an enormous difference in the lives of members of our community in need during the course of next year. 

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation today!

We are determined to see these instances of acute need eliminated in the years to come, thanks to tireless advocacy to see a robust protection framework for stateless people written into the laws of the United States. 

Just this week, we announced a major step toward realizing this goal.

First, the Stateless Protection Act (SPA), sponsored by Sen. Cardin and Rep. Raskin was introduced last week. This is the first piece of legislation focused on the protection needs of stateless people. 

Second, the SPA language was included in the Refugee Protection Act, a broader bill that covers issues related to asylum, refugee resettlement, and other humanitarian immigration programs. The language is the same in both bills. Our hope is that we can reintroduce the SPA in the new Congress after a push for more sponsors to build congressional awareness and leadership on statelessness.

This is a major accomplishment on the path to eliminating statelessness. It would not have been possible without the community committed to United Stateless and direct engagement of members of the stateless community. 

United Stateless is led by stateless people whose lived experiences shape everything we do. We rely on volunteer support and donors like you to make our work possible. As 2022 draws to a close, we ask that you consider supporting the Stateless Relief Fund with a year-end donation. Every dollar counts.

With appreciation, 

Ekaterina E.

USL Co-Founder & Board Chair



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