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Stateless in America: Stuck Between Two Countries, A Citizen of Neither  Wallace McKelvey, Penn Live, Oct 2017
In this interview, our founding member, Karina Clough, tells of the hopes and frustrations of being stateless in America.
Roma Fleeing the E.U.’s ‘Broken Promises’ Seek Asylum in the U.S., Foreign Policy, September 2016
This article discusses the smuggling of stateless Roma through Mexico to the US. It's likely that many stateless people enter the US via Mexico, though more research is needed.

DHS Wants to Monitor Immigrant's Social Media. No One Knows What they Will Do With This Information. American Immigration Council, Sept 29 2017

This article discusses the DHC plan to collect social media information on all non-citizens. See related article in the Hill here.

The US Wants to Deport this Palestinian, John Washington, The Nation March 28 2016

This article discusses attempts by the US government to deport a stateless man.

You can read the story of one of our members here.
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