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We Are Stateless. We Live in The United States.

Help us Protect Everyone's Right to a Nationality.

Who Are
Stateless People?

A stateless person as "a person who is not considered as a national by any State under the operation of its law". It means that a stateless person does not have nationality or citizenship in any country of the world.

Stateless People in America

Watch our documentary, “Citizens of Nowhere”, featuring our members. Produced by film company WTYSL and directed by Alicia Sully, the film has received 10 film festival inclusions and been screened around the world.

Statue of Liberty

We Are A National Organization
Led by Stateless people living in The United States.

Every country on the planet considers us foreigners. This is a violation of our human rights. We are stateless experts and activists, sharing our own lived experiences with the world.

We are speaking up.
Our mission is to build community among those affected by statelessness, raise awareness for our cause, and advocate for our human rights. Join us, and help make an impact.

Are You A
Citizen Of Nowhere?

We are here and we speak your language. Currently our stateless members can assist in Russian, Arabic, Burmese, and French.

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