Ongoing Projects

Currently, the U.S. lacks any laws or policies that acknowledge and address statelessness in the U.S. — so there's a lot of work to do. These projects will help us reach our goals.

Stateless in Detention

How many stateless people are currently in detention with no country to deport them to?

Project #statelessindetention aims to bring statelessness to the discussion table of the legal community and connect pro-bono programs with stateless individuals currently lingering in detention. We are collaborating with UNHCR's Detention Hotline to identify and connect with the stateless in detention.

Our Stateless in Detention Penpal Program is a powerful way to connect directly with the stateless persons currently detained in the US. Read more

Municipal IDs for Stateless People

Stateless people often lack all documentation — and without the consular support of any nation to help them obtain documents such as a passport or a birth certificate, they continuously encounter barriers that do not exist for persons with proper documents. Opening a bank account, accessing health care, or even picking up their kid from school is often impossible for persons who have no acceptable ID.

With our Municipal IDs for Stateless Persons Project we aim to make the process of obtaining a valid ID easier for someone who is stateless.


How many Stateless Persons are currently living in the United States?

There is no reliable data at this time, mainly because there has not until NOW been an organized effort to count stateless persons. And stateless persons are notoriously difficult to detect because they often lack documentation and are living in the shadows.  Yet we count. We are not a zero. We exist. The new report by CMS confirms that we are not zero, and that there may be 200,000 people in the US who are stateless or at risk of statelessness. Read the new CMS Report

Capacity Building

Statelessness is a local and a global issue. How can the community at large benefit from addressing statelessness? What are its implications — not only personal, but social and political? Global? Who are key members of the global community currently engaged in the discussion? What can the experience of statelessness teach humanity?

We are working to widen our network and build strong relationships. We continue to seek partners for legal and financial support.

Collaborate with us

We are seeking collaborators across a vast array of industries and fields — volunteers, volunteers to manage other volunteers, grant writers, content creators, social media strategists, students, professors, historians, economists, artists. We need all hands on deck.