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United Stateless Response to Center for Migration Studies Report

United Stateless, an organization led by stateless people dedicated to providing support and

pioneering solutions for the stateless in the U.S., expresses gratitude and support for the Center

for Migration Studies for its critical report, Statelessness in the United States: A Study to

This two-year study validates and recognizes the stateless experience and voices, calling

attention to a human rights issue that is largely underreported and unknown in the United

States. The study offers an opportunity to reflect on the sheer diversity of potentially stateless

populations in the U.S., as is exhibited by the variety of countries of origin as well as causes of

statelessness, such as state succession, conflicts and gaps in states’ nationality laws, and laws

and practices of the international community that discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race,

religion, or gender. As painful and surprising these stories may be, they are well known to us as

stateless activists.


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