Statelessness in the Media, in the USA and Globally

In this interview, our founding member, Karina Clough, tells of the hopes and frustrations of being stateless in America.

"I'm not from here, I'm not from there; I don't belong anywhere."

This article discusses the struggle of stateless Roma people in the US. 

This article discusses the DHC plan to collect social media information on all non-citizens

This article discusses attempts by the US government to deport a stateless man.

This article tells the story of Tatiana Lesnikova, one of the founding members of United Stateless.

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Sanura Begum misses her family's farm back in Myanmar. She's 20, with rich brown eyes. In August, she joined the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees fleeing their homeland.

They were among 971 people, mostly from ethnic minority groups, recently declared Thai nationals -- a status they viewed as necessary to obtaining better jobs and an improved standard of living.


A man who has been stateless for 31 years has been denied protection in the UK after the Home Office refused to accept he was originally from Palestine, despite advising him to return there on two occasions.

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