Founding Members & Board

We started with just seven stateless people who connected over social media. Now we are a powerful team consisting of human rights lawyers, core allies, law firms, more stateless people, and domestic and international NGOs that stand in solidarity.

Karina Ambartsoumian-Clough

Founding Member / Executive Director

Nikolai Levasov

Founding Member / Board

Miliyon Ethiopis

Founding Member

Laura Bingham

Founding member / Advocate & Ally

Heather Alexander

Founding Member / Board / Advocate and Ally

Ekaterina E.

Founding Member /Board

Danah K. A.

Founding Member / Board

Dr. Abdul Hamid

Founding Member

Hilary Binder-Aviles

Founding Member / Advocate & Ally

Our Stateless Community

Elena Priedane




Daiana Lilo


Council of Allies

Hanna Kim

Advocate & Ally, Design

Ashley Walters

Advocate & Ally

Nesha Bala

Advocate & Ally

Nicola McQuiston 

Advocate & Ally, Communications

Jessica P. George

Advocate & Ally

Michaela Andriatch

Advocate & Ally

Join us

We are seeking collaborators across a vast array of industries and fields — volunteers, volunteers to manage other volunteers, grant writers, content creators, social media strategists, students, professors, historians, economists, artists. We need all hands on deck.

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United Stateless is a national organization led by stateless people whose mission is to build and inspire community among those affected by statelessness, and to advocate for their human rights. United Stateless is sponsored by Social Good Fund.