Founding Members & Board

We started with just seven stateless people who connected over social media. Now we are a powerful team consisting of human rights lawyers, core allies, law firms, more stateless people, and domestic and international NGOs that stand in solidarity.

Karina Ambartsoumian-Clough

Founding Member / Executive Director

Nikolai Levasov

Founding Member / Board

Miliyon Ethiopis

Founding Member

Laura Bingham

Founding member / Advocate & Ally

Heather Alexander

Founding Member / Board / Advocate and Ally

Ekaterina E.

Founding Member /Board

Danah K. A.

Founding Member / Board

Dr. Abdul Hamid

Founding Member

Hilary Binder-Aviles

Founding Member / Advocate & Ally

Our Stateless Community

Elena Priedane




Daiana Lilo


Council of Allies

Hanna Kim

Advocate & Ally, Design

Ashley Walters

Advocate & Ally

Nesha Bala

Advocate & Ally

Nicola McQuiston 

Advocate & Ally, Communications

Jessica P. George

Advocate & Ally

Michaela Andriatch

Advocate & Ally

Join us

We are seeking collaborators across a vast array of industries and fields — volunteers, volunteers to manage other volunteers, grant writers, content creators, social media strategists, students, professors, historians, economists, artists. We need all hands on deck.